Eyelash extensions enhance the beauty of your own eyes. It is a semi-permanent process which involves the adhesion of an individual synthetic lash to each individual lash of your own, until full, lush lashes are achieved.

They will feel light, natural, and airy. Lashes will appear full, lush, and give the illusion of mascara having been applied.

Results vary greatly from person to person depending on skin texture and care for lashes of client. Typically, eyelash fills are done anywhere from 4-6 weeks and must be done to maintain the integrity and look of lashes.

Client is relaxed and laying down with eyes closed. Anti-wrinkle gel pads are used to improve crows feet while lashes are being applied.  A full set of lash extensions range from 1-2 hours and start at $250 per set. Fills run $50-$100 and are about an hour or so long.

There are many benefits to eyelash extensions. You no longer have to use mascara, eye makeup remover or even eye shadow. Most of my clients completely stop using makeup as they feel they no longer need to use it. Lashes can look as natural or flamboyant as you’d like them to.

The lashes come in a variety of thicknesses as well as lengths. Remember: less makeup means you look younger! Lashes are especially fantastic for blondes with light lashes, older women who can’t see well enough to do their makeup application, and fitness savvy women constantly on the go.


  • No mascara should be used at all.
  • Liner should be applied only with a wet brush dipped in an eye shadow.
  • Eyelash curlers of any type are not allowed.
  • Nothing creamy, greasy, or oily should be used near or on the eyes; this includes eye creams and facial lotions.
  • Sleeping on the face is also discouraged as the integrity of the lashes will suffer.
  • If instructions are followed lashes can actually last up to 8 weeks with out any type of fill. I have several clients that can get away with out an eyelash fill for two months!


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