There are two things extremely important in making a woman beautiful or not; whether she has blue, green or brown eyes, a long or short nose, pointy or round chin, thin or plump face; those two things are : beautifully shaped brows and clear, soft skin.

It’s unfortunate that we all can’t have naturally glowing skin. Most of us have to work at it; whether we get facials on a monthly basis, or have frequent visits to our dermatologist, it’s rare that a woman just have great skin without trying. What it takes is education. Educating one self on what products they need and creating a skin care routine that works for them. Great eyebrows require the same thing.

Nothing irks me more than when I see a gorgeous woman with awful eyebrows and usually she simply isn’t aware of how much better looking she’d be with nicely shaped brows. She has no idea that an experienced makeup artist or esthetician can literally change her "look" or her "expression". She can go from looking 40ish to 30ish simply by creating the illusion of an eyelift.

So whether you’ve over tweezed your poor little brows or or simply dont know what your options are, please, please, please! ! Let me help you.

Come in for a complimentary consultation and we’ll discuss different options for your brows to be as magnificent as you are !!!



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